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The RTB Marketplace

The industry’s Q1 2013 numbers don’t tell the whole story, because after tanking in January, RTB in the U.S. has put together back-to-back months of recovery. In March, the U.S. was on par… Continue reading

5 Ways Real-Time Bidding Differs From Direct Buys

For marketers that want to run online display ad campaigns, choosing between direct channels and real-time bidding (RTB) platforms might seem a little unclear at first. After all, the ultimate result is the… Continue reading

Being humble isn’t something you usually see!

One of the great success stories of the past few years, Zappos is on everyone’s radar as a great company, both as far as being a great company to work for and as… Continue reading

10 big mobile trends to look out for in 2013

As the space evolves though, so does the way we use mobile devices. Think about it, what was once just a means of calling people in an emergency is now your diary, calculator,… Continue reading

Successful mobile messaging

Mobiles are personal devices and by invading this space with untargeted ads marketers risk cutting consumers off permanently. According to the most recent IAB study the UK’s mobile ad spend had increased to… Continue reading

Majestic Wine sees 15% traffic increase two weeks after mobile site launch

Majestic Wine has seen an uptick in mobile traffic after it launched a commerce-enabled site that lets consumers research wine, as well as order it via their smartphone devices. The company partnered with… Continue reading

Banks pour one-third of digital investments into mobile

Banks are setting aside over one-third of their digital channel investments for mobile initiatives, according to a new report from Forrester Research. The report, “The State of North American Digital Banking: Priorities, Goals,… Continue reading

7 ways brands can tap into the fix of why we cannot put down our mobile devices.

The latest evidence of this disruption: Facebook pays $1 billion for revenue-less, two-year-old mobile company Instagram with 13 employees, while 124-year-old camera and film manufacturer Eastman Kodak languishes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy with… Continue reading