Best Advice on Failure, Coding, Risks, Passion to “Just Do It”

#BestAdvice 1: Embrace failure “My advice is start early, fail often, but fail and learn fast. Too many young people are told to wait for the right time, and they never start because… Continue reading

BIOGRAPHY of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835 and his parents moved the family to the United States when Carnegie was 12 years old. At the age of ten Carnegie began working in… Continue reading

BIOGRAPHY of W. Clement Stone

Starting out with nothing, W. Clement Stone founded a multibillion-dollar insurance empire with $100 and sought to buck up the world with the idea that anyone might do the same-all they need is… Continue reading

13 Principles that changed millions of lives.

  Napoleon Hill has arguably influenced the success of more men and women than any other person in history. Born in a one-room cabin, he began his career as a journalist. His big… Continue reading

Running in the Vatican in Rome…free

A very modern advertising deal: Huffpo’s O2-sponsored content.

We’ve come a long way from Don Draper and the closed shops of pre-internet advertising. Increasingly, as advertising becomes more digital, it also becomes more collaborative and content-driven. Today AOL UK announces a… Continue reading

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind. Freud called it the unconscious mind, and believed it has a will and purpose of its own that cannot be known to the conscious mind.  It may also be known… Continue reading

What Will Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Actually Mean?

According to various news outlets, today Yahoo will announce that the company intends to acquire microblogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. If this comes to pass, it would be an important event for… Continue reading

Real Time Bidding is here to stay.

  RTB is the valuation and bidding on individual impressions in real time. The buying takes place over online media exchanges – basically media marketplaces – which connect sellers (publishers) and buyers (advertisers).… Continue reading

The RTB Marketplace

The industry’s Q1 2013 numbers don’t tell the whole story, because after tanking in January, RTB in the U.S. has put together back-to-back months of recovery. In March, the U.S. was on par… Continue reading